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Grand Master Flavio Behring, Red Belt

We are please to announce the making of a full length 90 minute documentary by about the Grand Masters of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Red Belts: their knowledge, their wisdom and their lifetimes in the Art. There are only a handful of 9th Degree Red Belt Grand Masters in the world; even fewer still teaching today. We are excited to see our own Grand Master Flavio Behring and his friend and mentor Joao Alberto Barreto along with a few other very elite Grand Masters included in this film.

These gentlemen come from another time in Jiu Jitsu, a time when Carlos Gracie Sr. and Helio Gracie were on the mats everyday. They were actively teaching and even fighting, defending the Gracie name while proving the effectiveness of Jiu Jitsu. Most of these great Grand Masters are only known by the people within their own Jiu Jitsu communities; by their friends, their students and the fans of the Art of Jiu Jitsu. They were the students of the founders of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, they were the instructors within the Gracie Academy, they were the defenders of the Gracie name. They are a proud few. They are the Titans of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu known as “Red Belts”.

The legends and lore of super human tales of Vale Tudo; Joao Alberto Barreto fighting 30+times in one year, winning every fight by submission but 2 in which ended by knockout. The stories such as a 14 year old Flavio Behring being chosen by Carlos Gracie Sr. to defend the Gracie name against a very public challenge by the Japanese fighter Shimura, not to be confused with Kimura. The brother of Joao Alberto Barreto, Alvaro Barreto, who became known as the teacher of teachers and who owns one of the longest active Jiu Jtsu academies in Rio de Janeiro today. These stories and stories like them will be found in “Red Belts” about the oldest and most influential generation in Jiu Jitsu today.

Grand Masters Flavio Behring, Helio Gracie, Joao Alberto Barreto

They are old enough to be the fathers, grand fathers and even the great grand fathers of today’s biggest names in Jiu Jitsu. Mostly now in their later years in life yet still carrying the honor and tradition of the Great Grand Masters Carlos Gracie Sr. and Helio Gracie. The tales of these warriors of this generation are finally going to be brought to the forefront of the Jiu Jitsu world thanks to Hywel Teague and BJJHACKS. Most Jiu Jitsu history has been written primarily by the Gracie family so this will open the history books and add a few chapters. This film will be an in depth look into lives of these men, men who fought side by side to develop, innovate and expand the Jiu Jitsu nation that exists today.
Hywel Teague and the gang at BJJ Hacks have projected this film to be completed in 2014. They recently released information that they have scheduled interviews with 9 different Grand Masters, filmed 29 days, interviewed 30 different people on camera and shot an unbelievable, 564GB of footage. A colossal amount of work for a project that was mostly funded by the fans at These guys have filmed some incredible short stories about some of the biggest names in Jiu Jitsu and they are really bringing out the big guns for this project. Look for updates periodically and the soon to be released film, “Red Belts.” If you are not already following BJJ Hacks you can find them on Twitter, You Tube, Facebook or at Keep checking back here for more news about Grand Master Flavio Behring and Flavio Behring Jiu Jitsu USA.

Keep training Jiu Jitsu and doing great things!

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