Check out some highlights of Professor Rob Handley’s BJJ seminar in Arizona.

Professor Rob Handley seminar in Arizona  2013


The Flavio Behring Jiu Jitsu Arizona team with Professor Rob Handley

Every time Professor Rob Handley comes to Arizona, it’s almost as if everyone is prepping for a holiday. Classes are filled with excitement and anticipation while the halls are filled with stories of seminars past. From Professor Handley’s exceptional attention to detail, to his infectious smile and attitude, this seminar filled weekend not only inspired students to train harder, but it helped them to see how positive you can be while doing it.┬áCheck out some highlights of Professor Rob Handley’s BJJ seminar in Arizona.

Guard Passing 101
Training started early Saturday morning at Like Minded Jiu-Jitsu with some of the most innovative yet simplistic guard passing drills that members of Flavio Behring AZ had ever seen. Professor Handley began by explaining the ultra intuitive guide to guard passing: 3 Options: Over, Under, or Around!

Once Professor Handley had laid the foundation for the types of passing available, he proceeded to educate students on 9 different passes that could be used as not only a warm-up for class, but also as a foundation for which many other passes could be developed. Professor Handley touched on the lesser-known self-defense-based passes like using our legs to “kick’ the opponents guard out of the way, following up with knee-on-belly and an arm-lock. In addition, the Flavio Behring AZ team was provided with an extremely high level of detail on more commonly seen passes to fill in some of the Arizona teams training gaps that will allow for a higher percentage of guard passing success. By the end of the early morning session, students were sweaty, breathing heavily and ready for more.

Professor Rob Handley Jiu Jitsu Self Defense

Professor Rob Handley demonstrating achieving the clinch techniques.

Self Defense – The Real Jiu-Jitsu
The session that followed would prove to be the largest seminar that Flavio Behring AZ has had to date. With over 40 participants, from Like Minded Jiu Jitsu, ACS Martial Arts, Steve Villa BJJ, Jay Pages BJJ, Warriors Guild , 2 Knuckle Sports/ Bluestarr Grappling and our friends at Kaju AZ it was clear that the instructors and the students have been helping the family to continue to grow and improve. During this session, Professor Handley and attendees would embark on being part of the minority % of jiu-jitsu practitioners that actually learn how to really “fight” with their jiu-jitsu.

From straight-line attacks and circular motions to overhead attacks and two hand motions. Professor Handley taught how to close the distance to obtain control of an attacker that is either punching at you or swinging a weapon, allowing an individual to use their jiu-jitsu efficiently and effectively. He explained the concepts of commitment, range and timing and had students drill those concepts in a variety of ways that would prove to be extremely effective.

Welcome to the Jungle!
After over 5 hours of training on Saturday, members of Flavio Behring AZ met up with Professor Handley for dinner at Pita Jungle in downtown Phoenix. Stories were told, jokes were made, and even closer bonds were developed within our jiu-jitsu family. With great food and even better conversation, it was the perfect end to an intense day of training.

So That’s How You do Knee-On-Belly!
Sunday morning truly tested the mettle of all of the Flavio Behring AZ students. With sore bodies from Saturday’s drilling and intense leg work with knee-on-belly drills, within the first half hour everyone’s legs were on fire. That, of course, did not stop our team from continuing to drill and learn from the experienced instruction of Professor Handley. Not only were the proper knee-on-belly techniques displayed but the progressive nature in which they were taught once again showed how the drill would improve technique, conditioning, and strategy. Students that had never worked knee-on-belly started to open up to the technique while experienced students had an opportunity to fill in some of the gaps in their technique. At the end of the seminar, Professor Handley had the newest student in the room (Emily Hinsberger) perform the drill in front of everyone and she did amazing! This demonstration illustrated how this drill is essential for all practitioners, yet simple enough to make newer students look as if they’ve been training for years. As usual, Professor Handley displayed why Flavio Behring Jiu-Jitsu USA is so special!

Professor Rob Handley seminar in Phoeniz Arizona 2013

The end of a great weekend of sharing Jiu Jitsu and growing as Martial Artists.

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