Preparing to Fight

1907307_440160316087655_2107166615_nPreparing to Fight

Sunday March 23rdand Fluid Martial Arts Academy came together for the first ever Flavio Behring Arizona Inter-Academy tournament. The goal was to use this as an opportunity for our newer competitors to learn the basics of how tournaments are run, while at the same time giving more seasoned competitors an opportunity to sharpen their skills. In addition, the coaches were also able to see how their competitors were matching up with competitors from other academies, providing them with immediate feedback on areas that may need to be developed.

The competition started off with the younger competitors. There were two youth categories. The smallest competitors put on an amazing show. They used takedowns, transitions and submissions attempts to impress the crowd. The older youth competitors followed up the first group by demonstrating even more intensity and determination. Parents that had never seen their kids compete in anything before were amazed at how well they performed. Not only were they using exceptional jiu-jitsu, they were also listening to coaching and following directions amazingly.


The teenage group hit the mat afterwards. It was great to see some not only our newer students, but also some of our Yellow Belts that started out almost four years ago demonstrate such amazing jiu-jitsu. From takedowns to guard passing, sweeps, to submission attempts, these young men had every adult competitor dreading the day that these young students hit the adult divisions.

Up next were the adults. All divisions had 5 minute rounds and included competitors from a variety of weight classes. The adults pushed themselves just as hard as they would have at any major tournament. They represented their art by constantly looking for the submission and never, ever stalling. Not a single person jumped guard, every takedown was a legitimate throw or sweep and every single match was incredibly entertaining to watch.


Behring Arizona followed up the Inter-Academy Tournament with a pot-luck / barbeque held on site at Fluid Martial Arts. With a grill in the back and two tables filled with food, the competitors and their families were able to replenish their bodies while spending time with their martial arts family.

Overall, the first ever Behring Arizona Inter-Academy Tournament was a complete success. While no medals were awarded each competitor and trainer walked away with valuable information on how they could make themselves and their teammates continue to grow. Up next is the NABJJF Grand Canyon State Open tournament on April 19th….we will be ready. , 2014, Like Minded Jiu-Jitsu, Warriors Guild Martial Arts, Game Over Jiu-Jitsu


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